Tuesday, March 21, 2006

IRAQ: Three Year War 2006

Download mp3 160Kbps mp3 (5.6MB) Stereo 4:53

backup download 4:53

Audio collage mix in memory of Three years of war in Iraq featuring music and media samplings from: Scott Ritter, FunMental, Zack De La Rocha, George W Bush, U.S. soldiers, Pink Floyd, Iraqi Woman and Edwin Starr.

"Today is as good as it's gonna get in Iraq" (Scott Ritter).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Commander & Chief Radio vol 17 State of Fear 2006

Mp3 Download 27.3mb at 29:47

Another assembly of Bush cutups, mixes and music for a new year.

- Rx - My Genaration

- Jonathan Coulton - Duty

- Scooter - March

- IDC - Safe from US

- The Innerside #83 portion mix with wiretapped Scooter calls

- Department of Corrections - State of Fear 2006

- Bush By Numbers - #2

- Frenz - The New President

- Radio Crack - GW on Dick
- D.O.C. - Shotgun Dick remix
- Bob Parker - Junior

(all avaible at DIY Media)

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RU Ready? mix

Mp3 download 6.3mb running time: 5:30 at 160k stereo

A spoken word/musical dose of reality for the left from Jello Biafra spoken peice called "Are You Ready" from "Less Rock More Talk" compilation 1997 AK Press music by Renato Cohen, (Light Galinha)