Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Commander and Chief Radio vol 20 "Prescription for Kaos and Confusion"

Download CCR20 mp3 at 27.3mb 128k stereo(29:45)


The Oath
GW Bush Greatest Hits

Death and Destruction
The Last Sucker

Department Of Corrections
Bush Of Doom

Gordy Boy
SS-Sputnik vs Crass vs Bush

Department Of Corrections
Bush On Two Legs

Hamell On Trial
Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs
RBR 2006

Crass (with Ep Tompson)
Unelected President
Peace Not War Compilation

Beastie Boys
Live Barcelona Spain 2007 (Dedicated To GW Bush

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Arcade Fire

Download mp3 at 53.4mb 128k stereo (58:17)

Backup download

Special independent artist spotlight edition featuring the incredible music of The Arcade Fire
Live, Rare, Bootleg and album tracks. This show has been a long time comming


Wake Up
Live Berlin, Germany 2005

Black Mirror
Neon Bible 2007 Merge Records

Headlights Look Like Diamonds
(Us Kids Know) EP 2003 Merge Records

Rebellion (Lies)
LIVE February 17, 2007
New York's Judson Memorial Church
Live on NPR

Live KCRW 2005

Born On A Train
Live at KCRW 2005

No Cars Go
Live Berlin, Germany 2005

Antichrist Telivision Blues
Live New York's Judson Memorial Church

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
2004 Merge Records

Wake Up
The String Quartet Tribute to Arcade Fire

Neighborhood (Kettles)
Live The White Sessions

Neon Bible
2007 Merge Records
From Wikipedia:
The Arcade Fire formed around the husband and wife duo of Win Butler and Ragine Chassagne. Starting in mid-2003, the current lineup solidified in late 2003/early 2004, when their first full-length album Funeral was recorded. Before this an eponymous EP (often referred to by fans as the Us Kids Know EP) had been sold at early shows. The EP was subsequently remastered and given a full release once the band started becoming more prominent. Arcade Fire is known for its enthralling live performances, as well as its use of a large number of musical instruments. In addition to mainstays guitar, drums, and bass guitar, members play piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, xylophone, keyboard, French horn, accordion, hurdy gurdy and harp and mandolin. With several able musicians, Arcade Fire takes most of its instrumental diversity on tour and band members switch instrumental duties throughout their shows. The number of instruments, along with a wide set of musical influences has provided a substantial number of resources on which to draw during the recording process. The promise showed by the band in its live shows allowed it to land a record contract with the independent record label Merge Records.

When asked about the rumour that the band's name refers to a fire in an arcade, Win Butler replied: "It's not a rumour, it's based on a story that someone told me. It's not an actual event, but one that I took to be real. I would say that it's probably something that the kid made up, but at the time I believed him." [1] The arcade in question was the Exeter arcade and bandstand in the town square of Exeter, New Hampshire, where both Butlers attended Phillips Exeter Academy.

The Arcade Fire are on MERGE Records
Check out AF's Us Kids Know page for concert dates and other info also Myspace page
AF Discography

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bush Of Doom

Download mp3 2.5mb 160k(2:37) Bush Of Doom

Department of Corrections latest truthfull translation of George W. BushThe worst disaster in U.S. history.
Music by Smashing Pumpkins
"Doomsday Clock"


Download mp3 1.4mb 192k(1:26) Bush On Two Legs

From the recent State Of The Union address music by Queen "Death On Two Legs"
Check out Many, Many More Truthfull Translation mixes of various political hacks at DIY Media

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Independance Day Special: Resistmixes

Special 4th of July "Resistmixes" In honor of the Evil Empire for all you patriots
Please play LOUD and PROUD! fasionable at any flag BBQ.

1- Amerikkkan Way (160Kbps mp3 (2.92MB) Stereo 2:32)
Featuring George Carlin, Mumia Abu Jamal
Music by The Crystal Method "The American Way"

2- Real Amerikkkan History (128Kbps mp3 (8.65MB) Stereo 9:26)
Featuring Ward Churchill
Music by Aztlan Underground "Lemon Pledge"

3- Oil Pigs (128Kbps mp3 (6.36MB) Stereo 6:56)
Featuring Jello Biafra "Die For Oil" circa 1991
Music by Black Sabbath "War Pigs"

4- Defiance Pledge (160Kbps mp3 (4.29MB) Stereo 3:44)
Featuring Jello Biafra "Pledge of Defiance"
Music by Psycic Tv "Stick Insect"

5- PDR 4th of July special from 2006
(128Kbps mp3 (26.22MB)28:38)
Featuring Dead Kennedys, Aztlan Underground, Night Ride, Jello Biafra, Sepultura..
mixed with some of the tracks above.