Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mothers of Prevention PMRC

Been wanting to do this one for a while. An audio collage history of rock against the White house wives or PMRC (Parent Music Resource Center) censorship battle of the mid 1980's. Featuring senate hearings testimony by Dee Snider, John Denver and Frank Zappa as well as media samples and protest songs against the PMRC, Tipper Gore and Censorship including a PMRC filthy 15 countdown.

Download mp3 59:08

Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) is an American committee formed in 1985 with the goal of increasing parental control over the access of children to music deemed to be violent or sexually suggestive. The committee was founded by four women: Tipper Gore, wife of Senator and later Vice President Al Gore; Susan Baker, wife of Treasury Secretary James Baker; Pam Howar, wife of Washington realtor Raymond Howar; and Sally Nevius, wife of former Washington City Council Chairman John Nevius. They were known as the "Washington wives" – a reference to their husbands' connections with government in the Washington, D.C. area. The Center eventually grew to include 22 participants. Wikipedia

Playlist of edited music and media:

Warning: Parental Advisory 2002 Tv Movie
Tipper and White House wives evil plans

Danzig 1988

Startin' up a Posse
Attack of The Killer B's 1991

Scott Ian from Anthrax
PMRC Seven deadly words
Censorship in the music business PMRC 25 years

Motley Crue

Frank Zappa

The Land of Rape and Honey 1988

George Carlin/Scott Ian
Seven Deadly Words

Ode to Tipper Gore

Bouncing Souls

Tipper Gore on Oprah
The Liberal Democrat


News story on
history of
rock censorship

PMRC Hearing September 1985 Begins
Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
Porn wars
We're not gonna Take it video (audio samples)

PMRC Senate Hearing 1985
Dee Snider testimony

Twisted Sister
We're not gonna Take it

PMRC Senate Hearing 1985
John Denver testimony
Rocky Mountain High

PMRC Senate Hearing 1985
Frank Zappa Testimony

Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
Porn Wars
Jazz From Hell
The Central Scrutinizer

Skidmark Bob
PMRC Filthy Fifteen Mix
Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
Porn Wars

Live in concert sounds off on PMRC

Pistol Grip
Fuck The PMRC

Dee Snider/Scott Ian
Censorship still exists
Censorship in the music business PMRC 25 years

The Company Band
Zombie Barricades

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blues Vol II: Blues You Can't Lose

A second installment in a continuing series featuring new and old blues artists from Blind Willie Johnson to Bob Log III showing the constant resurgence of the blues in popular music most recently artists like Jack White and The Black Keys once again bringing the awareness of the blues in their music. So sit back and soak in some good old and new blues.

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Blues Vol I Archive

R.L. Burnside
Rollin' And Tumblin'
A Bothered Mind 2004

Left Lane Cruiser
Ain't go Time

Gettin' Down on it 2006

Seasick Steve

Days Gone

You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks 2011

Mother's Crying

To Behold 2011

Chris Thomas King
Why Blues
Me, My Guitar And The Blues 2000

N Word Rap
Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues 2002

Bob Log III
Log Bomb,
One Man Band Boom
Log Bomb 2003

Radio Moscow
Broke Down

Brain Cycles 2009

The Black Keys
Howlin' For You

The White Stripes

Rag & Bone

Icky Thump 2007

Jimi Hendrix
Killing Floor

Jimi Plays Monterey 1968

Muddy Waters
Mannish Boy
Electric Mud 1968

Otis Rush
Double Trouble
The Classic Cobra Recordings 1956-1958 2000

Blind Willie Johnson
Dark Was The Night -- Cold Was The Ground
The Complete Blind Willie Johnson 1993

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Classic Metal Covers: Bluegrass, Acoustic

Bluegrass masters Hayseed Dixie (Kickin ass above) and Iron Horse fire off classic metal covers of Motorhead, Judas Preist, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin and Guns & Roses also Def Leppard, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen from the "Pickin on Series" a crazy ass banjo version of Eruptrion from Crick Diefendorf and mellow acoustic Iron Maiden and Sabbath covers from Maiden United and Hellsongs.

Download Mp3
(59:53 320k)

Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
Breakin The Law (Judas Preist)
Hayseed Dixie
Let There Be Rock Grass 2004
Weapons Of Grass Destruction 2007

Supernaut (Black Sabbath)
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osborne)
Iron Horse
Black and Bluegrass A Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne 2004

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
Hayseed Dixie
Killer Grass 2010

Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
Hymns In The Key Of 666 2008

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
Iron Horse
Whole Lotta Bluegrass: A Bluegrass Tribute To Led Zeppelin 2004

Hey Hey My My (Out Of The Blue, Into The Black) (Neil Young)
Various Artists
Pickin' on Neil Young 2005
A Bluegrass Tribute

Rock of Ages (Def Leppard)
Various Artists
Pickin' on Def Leppard 2005

Detroit Rock City (Kiss)
Hayseed Dixie
A Golden Shower Of Hits (The Best Of) 2009

Hayseed Dixie
A Hillbilly Tribute to AC-DC 2001

(Van Halen)
Crick Diefendorf
Everybody Wants Some Tribute to Van Halen 1997

Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (Van Halen)
Various Artists
Strummin' With The Devil: Bluegrass Tribute to Van Halen 2006

Out Ta Get Me (Guns and Roses)
Iron Horse
Take Me Home: The Bluegrass Tribute To Guns N' Roses 2007

Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)
Various Artists
Pickin' on Hendrix 1999

The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
Maiden United
Mind The Acoustic Pieces 2010