Thursday, August 24, 2006

Free Culture Part II & Samplepirates Mix

Download Free Culture II mp3 at 32.4mb (28:19)

More on the struggle for Free Culture featuring more from Over The Edge
more on downloading, filesharing and copyright as well as music and meyhem from:

- Pirates Of The Internet - Pirates Of The Internet

- Negativland - downld

- Chumbawumba - Pass It Along (mp3 mix)

Download Samplepirates Mix mp3 at 9.9mb (8:40)

A Collage mix of Sample and Mashup Artists some of which have been Banned.

Dummyrun, Beastie Boys, Mochipet, Animals Within Anamials, The Evolution Control Committee, Elastica, The Kleptones. Branflakes, Public Enemy, IDC and others.

Download and Read:
Stay Free Illeagal Art Compilation


TOR Hershman said...

Say, you mofo's wanna play any of moi's feces, play away.

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TOR Hershman said...


Moi 'twas here already.