Tuesday, June 12, 2007



"Hardest, meaniest and tightest noiserock you´ve on heard since man learned to hit his drum and guitar"

Three boys started a band and began practicing. they became good friends. they wrote songs, recorded them, played them at shows and bonded even further. who cares?
to give some direction what we are all about, here's some bands fun particularly is into (and naturally influenced by). not in any particular order:

scratch acid, rapeman, butthole surfers, flipper, shellac, killdozer, can can heads, deep turtle, big black, mule, the jesus lizard, radiopuhelimet, nirvana, zeni geva, dead kennedys, sonic youth, black flag, hero dishonest, minor threat, hüsker dü, slint, echo is your love, fugazi, the ex, germs, minutemen, valse triste, etc ..

don't try to fuck with us, we're just too damn clever.

The kickass trio from Finland! (says Skidmark Bob)

Their new Release ZU-PA! just recorded in Chicago March 2007
by Steve Albini
Released on If Society Records

This record kicks everyone's ass.
Here's two tracks off the album, enjoy!

Hold It Close


Also Check out Electric Retard

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