Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Independance Day Special: Resistmixes

Special 4th of July "Resistmixes" In honor of the Evil Empire for all you patriots
Please play LOUD and PROUD! fasionable at any flag BBQ.

1- Amerikkkan Way (160Kbps mp3 (2.92MB) Stereo 2:32)
Featuring George Carlin, Mumia Abu Jamal
Music by The Crystal Method "The American Way"

2- Real Amerikkkan History (128Kbps mp3 (8.65MB) Stereo 9:26)
Featuring Ward Churchill
Music by Aztlan Underground "Lemon Pledge"

3- Oil Pigs (128Kbps mp3 (6.36MB) Stereo 6:56)
Featuring Jello Biafra "Die For Oil" circa 1991
Music by Black Sabbath "War Pigs"

4- Defiance Pledge (160Kbps mp3 (4.29MB) Stereo 3:44)
Featuring Jello Biafra "Pledge of Defiance"
Music by Psycic Tv "Stick Insect"

5- PDR 4th of July special from 2006
(128Kbps mp3 (26.22MB)28:38)
Featuring Dead Kennedys, Aztlan Underground, Night Ride, Jello Biafra, Sepultura..
mixed with some of the tracks above.

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