Monday, February 18, 2008

State of Media 2008 John Anderson Interview

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Interview with John Anderson of about the state of media in 2008 Pirate Radio, FM Radio, On air Television, Net Neutrality (or lack their of) Translator Fm stations and the very bleak outlook of corporate control and abuse in all types of media.

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From What is this place?

In a previous life, John was a commecial radio journalist in Indiana and Wisconsin; a few of his stories even got carried nationally and internationally. He ended his corporate media career in 2000 at the Wisconsin Radio Network in disgust over what industry consolidation did to radio newsrooms nationwide. The industry's rabid opposition to legalizing low power FM radio provided the moral impetus.

John originally got into radio during high school through show stints on the local college radio station and then ran his university's station for two years as an undergrad.

John received his master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004; his thesis explored the legal history of unlicensed broadcasting in the United States. During his studies in Madison he co-founded the first nationwide labor-centric radio news service to be launched in more than 50 years.

At the start of his Ph.D. studies, John founded Media Minutes, a weekly radio news program on the world of media policy reform and activism sponsored by the Illinois Initiative for Media Policy Research and Free Press.

Currently, John teaches new college students about ways to critically explore their media environment, and wishes to spend life doing hopefully somewhat constructive things that, in the long run, mean something.
nnot quite undoneIn his spare time he works on DIYmedia, volunteers with radio station WEFT, makes errant noises, is the adopted father of Zuzu and Patience, and goofs off.nnot quite undone


the_stimulator said...

John is a motherfuckin ninja. Great show bob!

Michael E said...

you guys really covered it all - DRM,digital tv,new DRM IPTV thingies,pirate radio...