Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Lighter Side

Download A Lighter Side Part 1 35.54mb 160k Stereo mp3 (31:03)

Download A Lighter Side Part 2 32.4mb 160k Stereo mp3 (28:21)

A 1 hour special featuring Kaki King, Calexico, Nico Vega, Iron & Wine, Mountain Goats, Julia Kent, Tim Fite, Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Mother Mother, Swati, Bruce Springsteen and alot more.
Good listening.
Playlist by Artist, Track, Release, Year, Link
---Part 1------------------

Sunken Waltz
Feast of Wire (2003)
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Billy Bragg
O Freedom
Mr. Love and Justice (2008)
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Iron & Wine
White Tooth Man
The Shepherd's Dog (2007)
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Mother Mother
Touch Up
Dirty Town (2007)
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Steve Earle
City Of Immigrants
Washington Square Serenade (2007)
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The Mountain Goats
Heretic Pride
Heretic Pride (2008)
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Ani Difranco
Canon (2008)
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Nico Vega
Wooden Dolls
No Child Left Behind (2008)

Nico Vega


Serj Tankian
Feed Us (acoustic version)
Elect the Dead (Bonus Disc 2007)
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Small Gods
Small Gods (2007)
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Kaki King
Sad American
Dreaming of Revenge (2008)
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Julia Kent
Delay (2007)
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Julia Kent

The Smartest Bomb (Bonus Track)
The Bright Lights Of America (2008)
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The Thermals
A Pillar Of Salt (Acoustic)
Insound Tour Support 2.0 (2007)
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Tim Fite
Big Mistake
Fair Ain't Fair (2008)
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Bruce Springsteen
Radio Nowhere
Magic (2007)
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