Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC 2008

Denver Colorado the site of the Democratic National Convention 2008 watch daily Submedia video coverage.
Submedia.tv DNC Dispatch 1 August 24, DNC Rebellion Coverage

1. Climate Camp UK
2. Larry Holmes
3. Ward Churchill
4. Fox News Smackdown
5. Dead Prez Live
6. Racist Denver Cops
7. Gitmo on the Platte

Submedia.tv DNC Dispatch 2 August 26, 2008

1. Pain Compliance
2. Pam Africa
3. Mumia
4. The pigs reveal their intentions
5. KRS1
6. Ward Churchills

Download mp3 Audio Interviews with folks making media and being arrested broadcast Live on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm 08-26-08 Listen Here:

PDR DNC Mp3 Report 01
PDR DNC Mp3 Report 02
Interviews with The Stimulator, Lambert, Roberto and Jarred who was arrested during DNC demo on 8-25 in Denver Colorado. Phone interviews about the protests and arrests.

DNC Welcoming Committee

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