Thursday, September 11, 2008

RNC 2008 Remix

Audio collage mix of protest sounds and media from the streets of St. Paul Minn. Preventive detention raids, Democracy Now! arrests, concussion grenade and teargas attack.

Download RNC 2008 Remix Mp3 7.9mb (5:43)

Featuring audio samples from:
The Uptake, Indymedia, Democracy Now! Submedia.Tv and many other media sources including preventive detention raids/arrests, Nicole Salazar and Amy Goodman's Arrest
Watch here:

UpTake Journalists Corrine McDermid and Oliver Dykstra caught between police and protesters when cops open up with concussion grenades and teargas and chased down the street Watch here:

Submedia.Tv's excellent daily dispatches working with Pepperspray productions
Also sound at end was from when St. Paul police officer attempting to drag a protester away, only to get tackled from behind. The officer sprayed a chemical agent all around him but ultimately lost the suspect watch it here:

Music by Refused
Track: Refused Are Fucking Dead (Remix)
Release: The New Noise Theology E.P.


piratenewstv said...

Glad to see Goodman arrested. Builds character. Maybe now she'll join the Forces of Good instead of serve the Forces of Darkness.

Congrats of PopDefect Radio's infiltration of the ether in Knoxville Tennessee, despite the FBI raid on KFAR FM:

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