Saturday, October 04, 2008

McCain Senior Moments Mix

Download mp3 (5:42)

Collection of McCain senior moments on the campaign trail put to music and sound effects.
Music loop by The Butthole Surfers. "Bottle hot water to dehydrated babies" (John McCain)


baku lost said...

what up skidmark bob. good stuff as usual. you're a regular on my program over at, people will radio, austin, tx.

-baku lost
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Alex Smith said...

Man, I needed that laugh. Where can I get the sound effect of the drooling high cry? Oh, the insanity!

Love you Bob.
Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock

Skidmark Bob said...

The crying was Crispin Glover from The Rivers Edge
Ministry has used it, too funny!
Dennis Hopper is a psyco pot dealer