Saturday, December 06, 2008

Free Radio Santa Cruz Circa 1995

Free Radio Santa Cruz first tv news story circa 1995 on KCBA Fox 35 Les Batinas includes interviews w/ Phil Free and Skidmark Bob.
FRSC is an Unlicensed, Non Commercial, Grassroots Community Radio station broadcasting since 1995. Listen in Santa Cruz California currently on 101fm (fomerly 89.3 and 96.3fm)
We are currently transferring our old video tape archives to digital to share with the world we also could use some donations to keep the station alive since we're non commercial and non pledge drive we and listeners support the station, we got very cool shirts available for cheap just like the one X FCC Chairman Micheal Powell is sporting below.


Alan said...

Howdy! Love it all! We ARE going to win! Palestine IS free!

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