Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Compilation mix of some of the best Chumbawumba from the 80's to Now still tellin it like it is.
With their latest "The Boy Bands Have Won" The band has always been a staple of Free Radio Santa Cruz. Hope you enjoy.

Smash Clause 29! (1988)
Uneasy Listening (1999) compilation containing songs from the time of their first album Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records up to 1998.

Come On Baby (Let's Do the Revolution)
Never Mind the Ballots (1987)

The Good Ship Lifestyle
Tubthumper (1997)

Anarchy (1994)

Add Me
The Boy Bands Have Won (2008)

British Colonialism and the BBC
Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records (1986)

Mouthful of Shit
Anarchy (1994)

Enough Is Enough
(Live mp3)

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