Friday, June 26, 2009

Divided We Stand

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An mix with an edited speech from Jello Biafra called "Wake Up And Smell The Noise" mixed with a music bed from The Fixtures "Dividing Lines" A lesson in avoiding the witch hunts of today a cancer that infiltrates the tightest of circles especially political groups when disagreeing parties start the blame game instead of finding out why people may think and act differently then they do. "Nothings going to change till we who want the change have a better understanding why people want what they want and think the way they do. When People like that wake up and smell the noise but hear it differently, do we hear them to? or do we disown and demonize them just like we say they do?" Jello Biafra


Kenneth Dowst said...

Dear S.B.,

Thanks for posting that Jello mix, which was nicely done indeed, and thanks also for introducing me to Bruce Cockburn. I plan to add 3 or 4 of those Cockburn cuts to my own humble public-affairs show, and with your permission I'll also swipe the whole 10 minutes of Jello (giving credit where due, of course).

I keep stumbling across your work--the Lyn Gerry interview, then P.d. Radio on Radio4All (which is when I discovered Cockburn). Then I innocently listened to "3rd Paradigm" to hear why Tereza has given up enemas, and there you are again, with Miss T., walking down the stairs while people hurl Spanish curses and greasy fajitas at the back of your heads (and there's Bruce Cockburn's music again--uncensored, I note). (Maybe it really is a pirate station?)

Anyway, I decided it was time to say Hi & Thank-you for some neat radio! Now you know: you have at least TWO fans east of the Mississippi. (And probably a lot more than that.)

PS: I too am a fan of Jello's spoken-word art.

Best regards,
Kenneth Dowst

(Uh, ... sorry about the photo of me. I didn't know that Google would do that to me!)

Skidmark Bob said...

Thanks Ken, I appreciate the kind words and yes I do broadcast on a pirate radio station Free Radio Santa Cruz folks like you and your props keep me busy!