Monday, August 17, 2009


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Another in a continuing series of all female artists/bands or female fronted artists/bands featuring new and not yet released tracks from Otep and Juliette Lewis and the New Romantiques also new tracks from Hysterica, Gossip, Nico Vega and more, all Uncensored tracks.

Playlist by Artist, Track, Release/Year

Smash The Control Machine
Smash The Control Machine (2009)

Nico Vega
A Millon Years
Nico Vega (2009)

Juliette Lewis and the New Romantiques
Fantasy Bar
Terra Incognita (2009)

Spare Me From The World
Music for Men (2009)

Be Your Own Pet
Black Hole
Get Awkward (2008)

Chicks on Speed
How To Build A High Heeled Shoe Guitar
Cutting The Edge (2009)

The Great Kat
Beethoven On Speed
Total Insanity (2008)

Girls Made Of Heavy Metal
Metalwar (2009)

Tilly and the Wall
Pot Kettle Black
O (2008)


Otep: Smash The Control Machine

Hysterica: Girls of Heavy Metal

Tilly & the Wall: Pot Kettle Black

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