Thursday, October 15, 2009


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New show new music from Muse, The Crystal Method, Rx Bantits, Death By Stereo, Pulley,
Set Your Goals starting off the show with a classic from At The Drive-In pre Mars Volta of course. Muse is currently my daily soundtrack hooked off their newest release The Resistance I had to find and listen to their whole discography. Great stuff!

Playlist by Artist, Track, Release and Year

At The Drive-In
Mannequin Republic
Relationship of Command (2000)

Set Your Goals
This Will Be The Death Of Us
With Hoffman Lenses We Will See The Truth
This Will Be The Death Of Us (2009)

Rx Bantits
It's Only Another Parsec...
Mandala (2009)

The Crystal Method
Double Down Under
Divided By Night (2009)

Time-Insensitive Material (2009)

Death By Stereo
I sing for you
Death Is My Only Friend (2009)

Uprising Live MTV Awards 2009
The Resistance 2009

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