Thursday, November 05, 2009

Chumbawamba Tribute

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A special hour long tribute to Chumbawamba the British anarcho-punk, pop-influenced dance music, a cappella/choral music and world music to acoustic folk music band. Music stemming there 30 year career Including 2003 Democracy Now! interview and performance.
I've been wanting to get this one together for a while hope you enjoy it!

Playlist by Track, Release, Year

Smash Clause 29!
Uneasy Listening 1999

Come On Baby (Let's Do the Revolution)
Never Mind the Ballots 1987

The Good Ship Lifestyle
Tubthumper 1997

Anarchy 1994

Add Me
The Boy Bands Have Won 2008

British Colonialism and the BBC
Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records 1986

Democracy Now! Interview and live performance in studio 2003
With Amy Goodman featuring songs Jacobs Ladder,
New York Mining Disaster 1941, Salt Fare North Sea.

I'm In Trouble Again

Pass It Along
Special mp3 mix release

The ABC's of Anarchism
Negativland and Chumbawumba 1999

Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
Anarchy 1994

What We Want
The Boy Bands Have Won 2008

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