Monday, January 04, 2010


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Good 2010 I've been a bit in hibernation mode over the helladays recovering from 2009 Whew! A hell of a year for me, got a couple mixes in production progress hopefully coming soon.
This week is a lost rerun from 2004 songs and satire about the automobile and the evils of driving. Approx 40-50 thousand people die from automobile crashes yearly in the U.S. that's about 115 daily and one death every 13 minutes, something to think about the next time you hop in the car and let's not forget about the endless wars and millions killed
for oil yet most people take for it granted most people never think or expect to be in an accident or that they could be violently killed on the road. If you do drive please DRIVE SAFE or better yet ride your bike or take a bus.
Featuring special mixes one attacking SUV's and a old "Teenacide" PSA with David Lindley's cover of Mercury Blues also classic's from Angry Samoans, Uk Subs, Devo, Negativland Jello Biafra & Melvins and Hammel On Trial Fear Factory
and even the Speed Racer Theme .
The best results are if you crank the show stream and watch the car crash videos below with the sound down.

Car Crash Compilation - Click here for this week’s top video clips


Fear Factory - Cars

Jello Biafra & Melvins - Yuppie Cadilliac

PDR mix - SUV LOVE mix (featuring Dana Lyons Lubricate the red, white and blue)
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Speed Racer Theme song

PDR mix - Teenacide Blues mix (feat David Lindley "Mercury blues" cover)

Hammel on Trial - Downs Tough Love

Angry Samoans - STP not LSD

UK Subs - I Live in a car

Negativland - Drivin - Free

Devo - Speedracer

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