Thursday, July 15, 2010

IP Copwatch: Operation In Our Sites ICE Shutdown Websites

ICE of the Dept of Homeland Security shuts down nine free video sharing websites seizes bank accounts and four residential search warrants (LA Times). Featuring News coverage and Music-collage of I.C.E. Raids firing off "Operation In Our Sites" executing seizure warrants against nine domain names of Web sites, seizing Paypal and bank accounts and 4 residential search warrants. We hear from John Morton Assistant Secretary of ICE on a Disney sound-stage launching "Operation In Our Sites" to combat websites that offer counterfeit or pirated products. We'll also hear Phara with the Ninja Video Manifesto one of the sites shut down by Feds.
Also an Interview with John Anderson of on ICE shut-downs and how How it is a historical shot across the bow to video sharing similar to the days music filesharing also
how off shoring of the movie industry not the movie pirates are causing job loss also news on the torrent monster Pirate Bay and the ACTA Counterfiting Trade Agreement making it's way into law.

Download Mp3 01 OIOS

Download Mp3 02 John Anderson Interview

Music by
M.I.A. Internet Connection, Born Free
Judas Priest, UNKLE

Sites Shutdown by Homeland Security


Dragonater said...

Good thing 50-million illegal aliens have nothing to worry about from ICE.

Anonymous said...

so sad i used to download movies from zml but authorities shut them down now i got to download movies from how come the rest of the sites like zml is still running until now?

Anonymous said...

I think all the folk who went to prison in that sweep are free now. I know Ninja has a new website but no movies.

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