Thursday, October 14, 2010

Album Release: Media Reproductions 2010

Here's my first free online album release of some of the best of audio collage mixes that I have produced since 2001 Learn about your rights with the Clash, Jello Biafra put to music, anti Iraq war protests with Dj Shadow, Palestine and a whole lot more. I remastered 16 tracks the best I could into 320k mp3 ready to listen to burn and share with others. I am adding track streams too. Please share Far and Wide!

Download Media Reproductions 2010 RAR File:

Here you can listen to streams or download individual mp3 tracks linked to each title:

1. Know Your Rights

A lesson in your legal rights as told by "Homicide: Life on the Street" characters with a Music bed loop of The Clash and also the most popular download on Radio4All.

2. Waking Life Chemistry

Music bed of Uncle's "Chemistry" track mixed with Alex Jones car rant scene from animated film "Waking Life"

3. Defiance Pledge

Music by Psychic TV "Stick Insect" track mixed with Jello Biafra's Pledge of Defiance also Noam Chomsky, Born on The 4th of July, Black Panthers and various other voices and sounds

4. AmeriKKKan Way

Music is Crystal Method's "American Way" featuring Mumia Abu Jamal also George Carlin.

5. Praise GW

One of the first Department of Corrections releases of George W Bush rearranged speeches of Bush and other political leaders.
Music "Praise the lord and pass the ammo"

6. SUV Love

Mix of 60 minutes piece on SUV's along with music from Dana Lyons "Lubricate the Red, White and Blue"

7.No War D.C.

Antiwar protests leading up to 2003 Iraq invasion featuring Pacifica speech coverage and Saul Willams Pledge of Resistance.

8.My War

Invasion and bombing of Iraq March 2003 featuring media coverage Bush proclaimation of War with a music bed of Black Flag.

9. Iraqi Liberation

Split mix of woman victim on Pacifica's Flashpoints program as she describes the aftermath of U.S.bombing with answers from Rumsfeld and Bush.

10. The Great Wall Of Israel

Kristen Ess interview describing the "Security Wall" effects and destruction on Palestinian land also interview from Flashpoints. Music Pink Floyd "Another Brick in The Wall"

11. Oil Pigs

Jello Biafra's "Die For Oil" rant put to Black Sabbaths "War Pigs" sounds from various war films and media.

12. Weapon Of Fear

D.O.C. Mix featuring George W. Bush and The Cult and The Who.

13. Memorial Iraq

George C. Scott as Patton along with Bush, Scott Ritter and various war film audio music by System Of A Down "Boom" Track.

14. Three Years Of War

Scott Ritter X Army and UN WMD Inspector Lays it down 3 years into the Iraq War music by FunMental, Zack De La Rocha, Pink Floyd, Iraqi Woman and Edwin Starr sounds from George W Bush, U.S. soldiers.

15. Veitnamistan

Al Jazeera English Afghan war update the Taliban are winning.. again Music bed by Alabama 3 "Veitnamistan"

16. Nuke Attack

Helen Caldicott speech what would happen if a Nuke hit Santa Cruz California mixed with nuclear bomb sound effect and tiny part of Pink Floyd's "On The Run" and Duck and Cover PSA

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