Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Culture

I been sick so I'm takin a well deserved break from the new shows so it seems like a good time to start recycling my old programs and here are some collage/mixes I did around free culture and internet music piracy I produced in 2006.

Free Culture I  download mp3
 Featuring excerpts from Negativland's Over The Edge radio program on Free Culture Focusing on history of the internet, filesharing and Property rights, readings by Lawrence Lessig.


Free Culture II  download mp3
Continuing on the subject more of Over The Edge "Free Culture" program also tracks from Pirates of The Internet

Digital Dangers  download mp3
This one features other collage/remix artists on the subject (less talk) Featuring clips from South Park and tracks from Letigre, Negativland, The Droplift Project, Chumbawumba, Pirates of The Internet

I remember back in the day when the RIAA and other greedy corporate whores we're dropping the hammer on Limewire, Grokster, Napstar and others for creating the largest free music collection in the world stating that sharing music online would  kill the music industry one digital file at a time. Since they stuck their finger in the cracks of that dam millions more have appeared and now just about any file is available for free through peer to peer or direct download and sharing culture online is more vibrant than ever.
To learn more about copyright/free culture/music and the internet Watch This:

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