Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Music Spring 2013

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New releases for Spring 2013 from Bad Religon, Dead Prez, Dave Grohl, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Paul McCartney, How To Destroy Angels and more also audio from Mark Fiore Anamation.

Playlist by track, artist, release, year:

Let The Day Begin (The Call cover by son of Micheal Been)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Specter at the Feast 2013


Reverse World War II
Mark Fiore Animation 2013

America's Dreaming
Old Man Markley
Down Side Up 2013



Mark Fiore Animation 2013



Land of Endless Greed
Dharma and the Bomb
In Their Hearts is Right
Bad Religon
True North 2013



Cut Me Some Slack
Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear
Sound City
Real to Reel OST 2013

The Castle
John 5
God Told Me To 2012



Ice Age
How To Destroy Angels
Welcome Oblivion 2013

No Escape
Global Lows 2012



A New Beginning (Feat. Anthony David)
Dead Prez
Information Age 2013


State of My Union
Mark Fiore Animation 2013

GHN: Global Hood News
What If The Lights Go Out?
Dead Prez
Information Age 2013



Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme, Trent Reznor
Sound City Real to Reel OST 2013

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