Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Music 2015

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New music for end of 2014 into 2015 featuring new Marilyn Manson, Sleater Kinney,
Sharknoid, Blood & Banjos, The Farting Preacher, Kaki King, Tom Petty, Royal Earl, Rodrigo y Gabriela, James McMurtry,
The Black lips, Cinematic Orchestra and more.Support Radio 4 All  and Bandcamp where i've been recently buying albums that the money directly goes to the artists. What a concept! Enjoy new music!

Playlist by Track, Release, Year, Artist:

1. Devil Beneath my Feet
The Pale Emperor (2015)

 Marilyn Manson


2. Anti-Annunciation
Blood & Banjos (2014) download/stream full album free
Blood & Banjos

Pastor Gas "The Farting Preacher"

3. Power Suit, Chemicals
Have A Great Summer (2014) Listen on Bandcamp


4. Surface Enemy, Price Tag, A New Wave
No Cities To Love (2015)
Sleater Kinney

Who Killed Micheal Brown?
Mark Fiore Video

5. Justice Afterall
Underneath the Rainbow (2014)
Black Lips 


6. Justice And Justification
By the Lamplight (2013)
Larry and his Flask

7. Faultlines
Hypnotic Eye (2014)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

8. How'm I Gonna Find You Now
Complicated Game (2015)
James McMurtry

9. Thoughts are Born
The Neck Is The Bridge To The Body (2014)
Kaki King

10. Misty Moses
9 Dead Alive (2014)
Rodrigo y Gabriela

11. Whiplash
Whiplash OST (2014) Listen to full album on Youtube

12. Work It!
Man With A Movie Camera (2004)
The Cinematic Orchestra

13. Hungry
Royal Earl: Together/Alone
Romanowski & Walter Earl = Royal Earl (2014)

Listen to full album on Bandcamp


TruthGuerrilla said...

Bob YOu've done it yet again. Id just like to thanks you for the generous mixes you have made us. (the people). Can't wait to hear your newest releases of 2015!

Peace and Love,

Producer: Skidmark Bob said...

Thanks! New one coming right up gonna try for one a month for now gotta get back into it again.