Friday, August 28, 2015


Here's a show I did back in 2005 featuring some truly INDYpendant bands
and labels that sent me some great music back in the day. Sebodoah opens the show with
Most Secret Method, Operation Cliff Clavin, The Blank Fight and more ending with interview
mix with Ian MacKaye on music should be free.

 Download Mp 68.1mb
Recorded 8-30-2005 Live on Freak Radio Santa Cruz


Intro mixed w/Negativland - download

Sebadoah - Gimmie Indy Rock - Buy this used CD (compilation),
Dutch East India Trading records 1993

Plan it X Records ROCK BLOCK!!
- The Blank Fight - This Bike and this guitar, Rusted Freedom
- Operation Cliff Clavin - Consumers, Empty
- The Devil is Electric - You Died at Five


Pop Defect (interludes of hey man dig my guitar sounds from
Don't Be Hateful 1994

Click and Repeat 
G7 Welcoming Committee rec

The Most Secret Method
Poor Maryland
Get Lovely
Slowdime records

PDR Mix - Music is Free mix featuring Ian MacKaye phone interview
music by Fugazi Brenden #1

Eco War
Fighting Spirit

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