Thursday, December 24, 2015

Calexico 2015

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A year end tribute to the Tucson, Arizona-based Americana / Folk / Tex-Mex / Experimental / indie rock band Calexico. Featuring tracks off their latest and GREATEST 2015 release "Edge of the Sun" and my vote for best album of 2015 clips from the documentary "Making of Edge of the Sun" interviews John Covertino and Joey Burns and tracking their discography including rare, live and remixed tracks.


Playlist by Track, Release, Year:

* Gran Circo Mexico
Circo OST (Original Sound Track) (2010)

* Tres Avisos
Hot Rail (2010)

* Ballad Of Cable Hogue
Hot Rail (2000)

* The Ride Pt 2
Scraping Live (2002)

* Boyle Gets Dressed
The Guard Original Soundtrack (2011)


* Falling From The Sky
Edge Of The Sun (2015)

Wrapping up EOS recording
Making of Edge of the Sun

* Bullets and Rocks (featuring Sam Beam vocals)
* Calavera
Edge Of The Sun (2015)

To Mexico City to write and record
Making of Edge of the Sun (2015)

* World Un Done
Moon Never Rises (featuring Carla Morrison vocals)
Edge of the Sun (2015)

Guest apperances on EOS
Making of Edge of the Sun (2015)

* Follow The River (featuring Nick Urata of Devotchka)
Edge of the Sun (2015)

* Roll Tango
Edge Of The Sun (2015)

Circo OST (2010)

*Crooked Road And The Briar
Hot Rail (2010)


*Red Dust
Iron & Wine/Calexico
In the Reins (2005)

*Crystal Frontier (Original mixed with buscemi/acoustic remixes)
Hot Rail (2000) (2010)

*Attack El Robot! Attack!
Feast Of Wire (2003)

*Alone Again
Convict Pool Ep (2004)


*All The Pretty Horses
Aerocalexico (2001)

*Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover)
Iron & Wine & Calexico
I'm Not There Soundtrack (2007) 


*Guns Of Brixton
Calexico-Beirut Split (2006)

*When The Walls Came Down
Maybe On Monday Ep (2013)

*El Gatillo
Carried To Dust (2008)

*Beautiful Fuckin Day
The Guard OST (2011)



Spoke (1997)

*Eugene Wheels Past
The Guard OST (2011)

Live at Rialto Theatre on (2006)

*Inspiracion Live
Spiritoso (2012)

*Let It Slip Away

Edge Of The Sun (2015)

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