Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oingo Boingo

A mix of 1980's Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman soundtracks. Just in time for Halloween.


1. Who Do You Want to Be
Good For Your Soul (1983)

2. What You See
Only A lad (1981)


3. Breakfast Machine
Pee Wee's Big Adventure OST

4. Grey Matter
Nothing To Fear (1982)

5. Capitalism
Only A lad (1981)

6. Nothing to Fear (but fear itself)
Nothing To Fear (1982)

7. Nasty Habits
Only A lad (1981)

8. Little Guns
Good For Your Soul (1983)

9. Perfect System
Only A lad (1981)



10. Aint this the Life
Oingo Boingo Ep (1980)

11. Forbidden Zone
Forbidden Zone (1980)

12. Simpsons Theme Danny Elfman
Overture/The Big Race [Pee-Wee's Big Adventure]
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1986)

11. This Is Halloween,etc 
National Philharmonic Orchestra
VA-Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack (2006)

12. Dead Man's Party
Dead Man's Party (1985), etc 

13. Alive or Dead.......... and more......

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trump Summer 2017

Music and remix inspired by the 45th president of the U.S. Donald Trump.
Featuring: Vic Berger's Summer of Trump, Trump Is A Mess At His Press Conference.
Trump's Inauguration, Trumpcare, Snowflake Squad Alex Jones.

Music by: Prophets of Rage, Ho99o9. Moby, Roger Waters, Dead Cross, Slothrust,
A Place To Bury Strangers, Hamell On Trial, Brujeria, YG & Nipsey Hussle  an more.


 Download Mp3 



1. PDR Intro by "Summer of trump"
Vic Berger

2. UNFUCK The World
Prophets of Rage (2017)
Prophets of Rage

3.(FTD) Fuck Donald Trump
Single (2016)
YG & Nipsey Hussle

4. Rotten Pumpkin
Everyone Else (2017)

5. Election 2016 wrap up
This week tonight with John Oliver

6. Everyone's The Same
Our First 100 Days (2017)
A Place To Bury Strangers

7. United States Of Horror
United States Of Horror (2017)

8. Little Failure
1,000 Days, 1,000 Songs 2017
Moby and the Void Pacific Choir

9. Seize and Desist
Dead Cross (2017)
Dead Cross
(Remix w/Snowflake Squad Alex Jones - Vic Berger)

10. Picture That
Is This The Life We Really Want? (2017)
Roger Waters

11. The More You Know
Tacklebox (2017)
Hamell On Trial

12. Viva Presidente Trump
Single 2017

13. Pigs (Three Diffrent ones)
LIVE Mexico City (2016)
Roger Waters 

14. Mr. Tangerine Man
Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (2016)
Wesley Stace

15. Demagogue
30 Days 30 Songs Project (2016)
Franz Ferdinand (2017)

16. These Dark Days
Our First 100 Days (2017)
Trevor Sensor

Saturday, April 22, 2017


 A blast from the past in 2004 I did a show on the dangers of the road. featuring Jello Biafra/Melvins, Dayna Lyons, Hammel on Trial, Angry Samoans, Negatvland, UK Subs and more. HIT THE ROAD and CRANK IT UP! WATCH OUT!


1. Intro mix
Fear Factory - Gary Numan Cars

2. Yuppie Cadilac
Jello Biafra and the Melvins (Jelvins)
Never Breathe What You Can't See LP

Skidmark Bob PDR
Lubricate the red, white and blue
feat Dana Lyons

 4. Speed Racer Theme song

5. Teenacide Blues mix
Skidmark Bob PDR
(feat David Lindley "Mercury blues")


Tough Love
Hammel on Trial

7. STP not LSD

Angry Samoans

8. I Live in a car
Uk Subs


8. Outro/playlist Skidmark Bob

9. Speed Racer

Friday, March 10, 2017


I've been working on this one for the last few years. Grails from Portland Oregon. 
 I would describe them as Instrumental, Psychedelic, Mid East, Blues, Folk, Metal, Experimental. 
Here is a collection of tracks from 2006 to there recent release in six years 2017 Chalice Hymnal. Sit back crank it up and let Grails take you on a journey.

  Download Mp3

 Grails have patiently developed into a rather radical study in tension and meditation, inhabiting a netherworld where virtually all earthly and otherworldly sounds are equally explored to reflect the disparate influences of its four members. After releasing their first two albums on
Neurot Recordings, they followed up with Black Tar Prophecies Vols. 1,2 & 3
on Important Records before ultimately finding their current home at Temporary Residence Ltd.


Initially going by the name "Laurel Canyon", guitarist Alex Hall, drummer Emil Amos
and second guitarist Paul Spitz garnered positive reactions following their first show,
played on a whim. Portland musicians Timothy Horner (violin) and Bill Slater (piano/bass)
later joined the group to record their first EP.

Grails members:
Alex John Hall, Emil Amos, William Zakary Riles, Timothy Horner, Ash Black Bufflo, Paul Spitz,
William Slater, Ben Nugent, Jesse Bate.

Playlist by track, year, release:

1. Take Refuge
2008 Take Refuge in Clean Living


2. Self-Hypnosis
2013 Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4, 5 & 6

3. Future Primitive
2011 Deep Politics


4. New Prague
2017 Chalice Hymnal

5. I Almost Grew My Hair
2011 Deep Politics 


6. Deep Snow II
2017 Chalice Hymnal

7. Reincarnation Blues
2008 Doomsdayer's Holiday

8. Silk Road
2007 Burning Off Impurities

9. Ice Station Zebra
2013 Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4, 5 & 6

10. All The Colors Of The Dark
2011 Deep Politics

11. Immediate Mate
2008 Doomsdayer's Holiday

12. Pelham
13. Deeper Politics
2017 Chalice Hymnal

14. Dead Vine Blues
2007 Burning Off Impurities


15. The Natural Man
2008 Doomsdayer's Holiday

16. Thorns II
2017 Chalice Hymnal

17. Stray Dog
2006-Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1, 2, & 3

Friday, February 03, 2017

Sonic Kim

 Download Mp3

Tribute to Kim Gordon. musician, songwriter, and visual artist. Raised in Los Angeles,
California, and studied art at the Otis Art Institute. She later rose to prominence as the
bassist, guitarist, and vocalist for NY based Sonic Youth, which she formed with Thurston Moore in 1981.

Featuring Sonic Youth and solo featuring the latest 2016 "Murdered Out" single 
Taken from the years 1988 - 2016.


1. Trilogy The Wonder (pt3)
Daydream Nation 1988

2. Drunken Butterfly
Dirty 1992 

 3. Swimsuit Issue
Dirty 1992

4. JC
Dirty 1992


5. Pacific Coast Highway
Sister 1987

6. Pattern Recognition
Sonic Nurse 2004


7. 'Cross the Breeze
The Sprawl
Daydream Nation 1988

8. Ghost Bitch
Bad Moon Rising

9. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
Dirty 1992 

10. Kissability
Daydream Nation 1988

11. Kool Thing
Goo 1990

12. Murdered Out
Kim Gordon 2016


13. Secret Girl
Evol 1991

14. Jams Run Free
Rather Ripped 2006

Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 15 Music Releases of 2016

Despite all the bad things during the year I think the music released was some of the best I've heard in a long time. Here's my top 15 music releases judged by how long they were stuck on replay, brought joy to my life and helped me make it through this crazy year. Enjoy and may this great music continue into 2017 and beyond!

1. Slothrust
Everyone Else

The NYC trio with there second release on Dangerbird records with 10 tracks ranging from hard-hitting garage rock of my favorite "Rotten Pumpkin" (a possible tribute to Donald Trump?) to the quieter "Horseshoe Crab" and "Like A Child Hiding Behind Your Tombstone" Quote by lead vocalist Leah Wellbaum “These songs are about bodies of water, dreams, isolation, and the absurdity of the human experience,”


2. The Coathangers
Nosebleed Weekend

Rockin from Atlanta GA  with there fifth release on Suicide Squeeze records the trio consists of guitarist and part-time vocalist Julia Kugel drummer Stephanie Luke and bassist Merideth Franco. Nosebleed Weekend is 13 tracks of straightforward no nonsense garage/pop punk with excellent overlapping three part harmonies that kept this album on repeat and full blast in my life to this day. My fave tracks: Watch Your back, Make It Right, Hyia

3. The Frights
You Are Going To Hate This

Hailing from San Deigo Ca. quoting from New Noise: "You Are Going To Hate This is a hormonally charged garage-surf-punk mess of driving rhythms and reverb-drenched riffs with 50’s rockabilly references that are as fresh as the faces of San Diego’s The Frights. It’s all held together by front man Mikey Carnevale’s vocals, pivoting effortlessly from hook-up to breakup, from croon to wail. Dates with Bad Religion and Fidlar threw gasoline on a growing fan fire that now fills 500+ cap rooms in San Diego and Los Angeles and fuels sold-out tours from Seattle to Phoenix. The Frights’ Dangerbird Records debut brilliantly captures the unbridled energy of the band’s live show while letting their exuberantly dirty doo-wop shine"

4. Childish Gambino
Awaken, My Love

AKA Donald Glover who stars in "Atlanta" the critically acclaimed FX series I fell in love with and had to binge watch. Awaken My Love is Glovers third release and possibly his best and brilliant so far. A mix of psychedelic soul, R and B definitely tributes to Prince, George Clinton, Sly Stone to name a few. This just came out this month and I immediately fell into its musical trance i'm still soaking in it. Listen for yourself.

5. Summer Cannibals
Full Of It

The quartet from Portland Or. with front-woman Jessica Bordeaux bringing punk rock back with a vengeance. Pitchfork writes:
"The 11 songs on Full of It barely break the three-minute mark, and wed incendiary fretwork to bottom-end that rolls like a boulder down a marble run. They can do stadium ragers (“Go Home”), suspenseful Sonic Youth-indebted menace (“Just a Little Bit”), sludgy girl-groupisms (“Say My Name”), euphoria (“The Lover”), and on “Not Enough,” the brittle conversation between Boudreaux and Marc Swart's guitars evokes early Sleater Kinney. Summer Cannibals balance the abjection of their lyrics by playing like they're auditioning to ride the flame-belching rig in Mad Max: Fury Road" Truly a band to keep an eye on especially this KICK ASS version of FULL OF IT!

6. Diarrhea Planet
Turn To Gold


7. Prophets Of Rage
The Party's Over

8. Death Valley Girls
Glow In The Dark

9. Marika Hackman
We Slept At Last


10. MONO
Requiem For Hell

11. Explosions in the Sky
The Wilderness 

12. Radiohead
A Moon Shaped Pool

13. The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Monolith Of Phobos


14. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

15. A Minute To Breathe
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 
OST Before The Flood (Nat Geo Documentary)

Friday, November 25, 2016

FRSC 20 Years A Pirate

Download Mp3

Free or Freak Radio Santa Cruz began broadcasting in 1995 on 89.3fm since then they have moved to 96.3fm, 101fm and are currently at 101.3fm. Once raided by the FCC and U.S. Marshalls in the election year of 2004. They still are broadcasting community radio 24/7 locally at 101.3fm in Santa Cruz Ca. USA. Listen to the live stream at
Enjoy this historical look back a one of the LONGEST running Pirate Radio stations in radio history. FREE THE AIR! Featuring Phil Free, George Cadman aka Old Lady Scar Arms, Skidmark Bob, Vinny Lombardo (V-Man) San Fransisco Liberation Radio,

PLAYLIST by track, release, artist, year:

Liberation Frequency
Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent 1996

Free Radio Gainsville
No Division 1999
Hot Water Music

Pirate Radio


Jon Anderson Sta ID

Pirate Radio
Mojo Nixon Skid Roper

We Want The Airwaves

Radio Under Arrest
San Fransisco Liberation Radio

Under Ground Network

Under Ground Network 2001

The FCC and two knobs
George Carlin

Free Radio Burlington
LIVE in studio Free Radio Burlington
Jim Page

Interview about how local Santa Cruz activism started FRSC
Kim Argula and Skidmark Bob (FRSC co-founders)
Produced by Skidmark Bob

FOX 35 News story on 89.3 FRSC
KCBA 1995


Rebel Radio
Rebel radio Sampler
Uk Subs

Pirate Radio Documentary

Skidmark Bob interviews The Ghost Dj Dirty Dee and Black Eyed Susan
of Knoxville Radio
FCC RAID of equipment warrant
Critical Mass Radio

Guerrilla Radio
The Battle Of Los Angeles
Rage Against The Machine

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalas interview
George Cadman and Vinny Lombardo on the FCC raid of 2004
Democracy Now!

FRSC RAID 2004 Mix

Free The Air (Phil Free)
Moral Compass
Jus Kiddin

Friday, October 07, 2016


Three DOD Zombie Halloween Mixes and music I did from mid 2000's  featuring undead scary familiar and unfamiliar sounds, songs and clips from films some in special mixes from yours truly. Celebrating the dead and the undead. GREAT to play as LOUD background music at a halloween party, while serving trick-or-tr-eaters or blasting it in your headphones inthe DARK! Welcome to OCTOBER 2016!

DOD 1:
Featuring sound-clips from films The Night Of The Living Dead 1&2, Dawn Of The Dead, 28 Weeks later, Shawn Of The Dead, music by Oingo Boingo, Cramps, Black Sabbath, Misfits and MORE!


-Dead Mans Party
Oingo Boingo

-Walk Like A Zombie
Blackeyes and Neckties

- Zombie Dance

- Children Of The Grave
Black Sabbath

-Mashup Don't Fear The Highway To Hell

- Dead Like Us
Idiot Flesh

- Darktown (Instrumental)
Steve Hackett

-Down With The Sickness
Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine

-Night Of The Living Dead


DOD 2: 
Featuring Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XX, Pontypool, Day Of The Dead,
Night Of The Living Dead 1&2, Supernatural, Special BREAKING news 

LIVE on the ground, Zombieland,  Pontypool, Night Of The Living Dead orig and 1999, Quarantine, Grindhouse promos, Supernatural, 28 Weeks Later, Paranormal Activity ,
Carriers Music by ACDC, T Bone Burnette, Queen, Scorpions, Jace Everet and MORE!


 - If You Want Blood
Highway To Hell (1979)

- Death On Two Legs

-Bad Things
Jace Everett

The true false identity (2006)
T Bone Burnett

- Violent Femmes/Iron Maiden, Simpsons
Zombie Slaughter Mix

- Another Peice Of Meat

- Eating The Cannibals
Heaven And Hell

-Welcome To Zombieland Mix
Blue Oyster Cult
Don't Fear the Reaper, I Don't Live Today, Break On Through,
Children Of the Grave and more kaos and carnage

-My Bodies a Zombie For You
Dead Mans Bones


Featuring Tracks and clips from Slayer, Dee Snider, White Zombie, Ramones, South Park, Fido, Iron maiden, Hell house, Johnny Cash, Halloween and a hell of alot more.


- Intro to HELL Mix


- SCG3 Special Report" (with Michael Majalahti as The News Reporter, Sam Romero
and Dee Snider as "the monster squad's spokesman"

- Angel Of Death

-Antichrist 666 Mix

-When The Man Comes Around
Johnny Cash

-Welcome To Planet Motherfucker Psychoholic Slag
White Zombie

- Halloween
John carpenter

- Pet Sematary

Saturday, September 03, 2016


An Hour and a half program featuring ALL female fronted bands, artists and comedians.  
Mostly newer releases from Ume, Jen Kirkman, Wolf Alice, Summer Cannibals, Maria Bamford,The Great Kat, Slothrust, Babes In Toyland, Summer Cannibals, Beth Stelling
OOIOO, Negative Scanner, Kaki King, Bikini Kill, Coathangers, The Dead Weather, Babes In Toyland, DEKADES, Le Butcherettes, Red Aunts, Larkin Poe, Sarah Shook, Girlpool, Moving Paranormas. and more. 

Playlist by tracks, release, year, artist, Label:

1. Intro
Jen Kirkman (2016)
I'm Gonna Die Alone

2. Cubicle
Of Course You Do (2013)
Dangerbird Records


3. Do ya like Music?
Maria Bamford

4. Full Of It
5. Show Us Your Mind
6. Make Up
Full Of It (2016)
Show Us Your Mind (2015)
Summer Cannibals
Kill Rock Stars Records


7. Embrace
Monuments (2015)
8.Ume on guitar and gear (youtube)
9. Run Wild
Phantoms (2011)
Dangerbird Records

10. Fleshlights
Simply The Beth (2015)
Beth Stelling
Comedy Dynamics

11. Giant Peach
My Love Is Cool (2015)
Wolf Alice
Dirty Hit Records

12. Watch Your Back
Nosebleed Weekend (2016)

13. Criticism
Negative Scanner (2015)
Negative Scanner


14. Death Head
Junior (2010)
Kaki King

15. Metal Messiah
Total Insanity (2008)
The Great Kat

16. Dust Cake Boy
Spanking Machine (1989)
Babes In Toyland
Twin Tone Records  

17. Open Up
Dodge and Burn (2015)
The Dead Weather
Third Man Records


18. The Drones Are Coming
DEKADES (2015)

19. Great Day
Calm Years (2001)
Storm, Inc.
Gender Nectar Records.



20. Girls Grow Up So Fast 
We Are Miracles (20140
Sarah Silverman


21. They Fuck You Over
A Raw Youth (2015)
Le Butcherettes
Ipecac Recordings

22. New Radio
23. Reject All American
Reject All American (1996)
Kill Rock Stars Best Sampler Ever
Bikini Kill
Kill Rock Stars

24. I Can't Do Anything Right
Saltbox (1996)
Red Aunts
Epitaph Records


25. Airport Signs
I'm Gonna Die Alone (2016)
Jen Kirkman

26. Boys Wanna Be Her
Impeach My Bush (2006)


27. Uma
Taiga (2006)


28. God Closes A Door
Reskinned (2016)
Larkin Poe


29. Nothin' Feels Right but Doin' Wrong
30. No Name
Sidelong (2015)
Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

31. Ideal World
Before The World Was Big (2015)
32. American Beauty
Wichta Recordings (2014)


33. One
One (2015)
Moving Panoramas