Saturday, July 01, 2006

4th of July Special

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Fourth of July Special to Amerikkka featuring Ward Churchill, Dead Kennedys, Aztlan Underground, Night Ride, Jello Biafra, Sepultura..and a lot more Great music for flag barbeques.


- Intro Red Dawn mix
- PDR - Pledge of Defiance mix
(featuring) Jello Biafra - Pledge of Resistance
I Blow Minds for a Living Lp Alternative Tentacles records
Music by: Psycic TV - Stick Insect - Invisible records

- Dead Kennedys - Government Flu
Plastic Surgery Disasters Lp - Alternative Tentacles records

- PDR - Amerikkkan History mix (featuring) Ward Churchill
at CSU 05-02- 2005 Find the speech here:

Aztlan Underground - Lemon Pledge
Subverses Lp - Xican Records

Midtro - Goddam Amerikkka mix
- PDR - Amerikkka Rules mix (featuring) George Carlin - Amerikkkan History 1990s various other samplings from bush, heston, mumia

- Crystal Method - American Way Legion of Boom Lp

- Night Ride - Resistance (We are not the good guys) a selected sampling of S.F. Antiwar protests from a two hour program called "Resistance"
Tune into Nightride every sunday 10pm on Freak radio Santa Cruz 101fm

- Sepultura - Kaos AD - Roadrunner records


nimfm said...

"4 th July" . Above average radio, great file, skidmark bob!

Price said...

Good'n. Inspirational.

rock on skidmark bob