Saturday, October 21, 2006

Commander & Chief Radio Vol19 Embetterment

Download Mp3 26.5mb (28:55)

Yet Another installment of Commander & Chief Radio Vol 19 and counting all new mixes, mashups and music about 43rd president of the United States the current master of obfuscation. If you want more of this check out Diy Media Truthfull Translations page up to 463 translations of heads of state and other political hacks Bush himself is up to 331!! Yowsa!


- ToTom - Rio Grande Mashup

- The Coup - Head (of state)

- Cjacksonrun - G Dubs Nonsense

- Catfive - Acid for the USA

- Gwb Singers - Embetterment

- Glitch - The Greed

- Bushit - Mr Lovely

- Fred Wreck - Mr. President(dirty)

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Dr. Oliver Klossoff said...

Yeah catfive boyee! HEy if you like acid for the USa, check out our other songs at

lots of free music and vids to check out!
thanks for adding us to this compilation!