Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Die 4 Oil Mix 2007

Download: Mp3 160kb 10.97mb (9:35)

War Continues in 2007 as Bush is escalates the war in Iraq by sending 20,000 more troops all the while threating Iran and Syria with military action in his Wednesday address.
a mix featuring Jello Biafra Die For Oil, Sucker (T.W.O.T. addition)"
Off his recent release n The Grip Of Official Treason Album 2006 Alternative Tentacles Records
mixed with Rage Against The Machine's "Veitnow" and sound samples of the recent Iraq War and occupation also various war films samples.

Check out the Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq
A petition sigined by 1,000 soldiers urging leaders in congress to prompt a withdrawl of American military forces from Iraq to be deliverd to Capitol Hill on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2007
Check out the Democracy Now coverage

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