Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is Net Neutrality?

Currently the FCC is having public hearings on on Internet Practices all over the country I was able to watch the hearing in Stanford on 04-17-08 not one person I saw was against Net Neutrality.
Lawrence Lessig presented a groundbreaking slide show on the subject other experts explained the horror stories of Comcast blocking downloads of the King James Bible and ATT censoring Pearl Jam's Eddy Vedder for sharing his views against the Bush administration. Of course Comcast was nowhere to be found after recent investigation into their prevention of bit-torrent users and paying seat warmers to fill the audience at previous FCC hearings.

Below are two special mixes I've produced on the subject to inform those who like me we're unclear on Net Neutrality featuring testimony from the Stanford hearing and various media and music.

Download What is Net Neutrality? 3.5mb 192k Stereo mp3 (2:30)
Amy Goodman, Lawernce Lessig, Rocketboom,, Henry Rollins, The Daliy Show, music by UNKLE

Download Net Neutrality Part2 14.0mb 192k Stereo mp3 (10:10)
Free Press Media Minutes, It's Our Web, Lawernce Lessig, Rep. Ed Markey, South Park, Rocketboom, Democracy Now! Testimony from FCC Hearing on Internet Practices 04-17-08 Stanford Ca.
Erica Bridgeman, net neutrality song. Music by Buckethead, Battles

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