Sunday, April 06, 2008

Racism Vol1

Audio Collage on the subject of racism featuring spoken word from Angelo Moore music from Propagandhi, Blue Meanies, Janes Addiction and Kevin Moore aka Chroma Key.
Some of this is hard to hear but needs to be heard.

Download Racism Vol1 mp3 at 336mb 160k Stereo (29:21)

Backup Download

Playlist by Artist, Track, Release, year

Kevin Moore aka Chroma Key
It goes something like this
Memory Hole Radio Program for Radio For Peace International.

The only good Facist is a Dead One
Less Talk, More Rock 1996

Angelo Moore
My Favorite Nigger
Plea For Peace Compilation
Asian Man Records 2000

Janes Addiction feat Ice T Live Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
Live Bootleg 1991

Race Attack Turnaround (spoken word/documentary)
Unknown production off Pacifica Radio

Blue Meanies
All the Same
Post Wave 2000

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