Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Athens For Alex Greece Uprising 2008

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Special mix in solidarity with brothers and sisters in Athens, Greece where weeks later after the police murder 15yr old
Alexandros Grigoropoulos riots still roar. Why doesn't this happen in the U.S. when cops kill citizens?
2008 December 6., on Saturday night at 21:30 in the center of Athens Alexandros Grigoropoulos was murdered by the cops. The murder happened after a small group of anarchists argued with the crew of a police car. The anarchist didn't have with them any Molotov cocktails, stones or other weapons.

There were many eyewitnesses, since the place has a lot of busy bars, and is very crowded, especially on Saturday night. One of the policemen shot and killed the 15 years old young boy in cold blood.

The two policemen left the boy dead on the ground. The names of the policemen who killed the boy are Epaminodas Korkoneas (37 years old) and Vasilis Saraliotis (31 years old).


Anonymous said...

I was thinking this very thing - about why people here don't protest when a youth dies. And look how the boy's murder has reverberated around the world. While the demolishing of stores was a shame, it's somehow life-affirming that people across the world care about someone not from their country let alone continent.

RiotWolf said...

We never give up(sorry for my english i suppose not very good).We declare our solidarity to all of them who need it...
and never stop the good work you do at the radio my friend.
ALL of us we must hear,talk and learn...IT'S OUR RIGHT and DUTY...

bathmate said...

It looks so good in the post.
Many thanks for your nice posting, I like it.