Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interview with Rabble Rouser of Anarchy Now

Download Mp3 Interview w/Rabble Rouser

Interview with Rabble Rouser of Anarchy Now Radio and The Franklin House about the continuing riots after police kill 15 yr old boy in Athens and calling for the International day of action and solidarity on Dec 20th.

Download Mp3 Anarchy Now #1
Outlines recent events and takes an anarchist perspective. Democracy Now, The Clash- White Riot, Rebel Diaz for Which Side Are You On, John Hughes for everything, Peter Cetera for overall douchiness, Malcom X for absolutely no douchiness.

Download Mp3 Anarchy Now #2
In this sedition of Anarchy NOW!, we examine police violence, lack of response, capitalist ties to it, and give a solidarity report on greece.

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