Monday, January 19, 2009

GWB Final Goodbye

Download mp3 (29:00)
A final goodbye to the worst U.S. President EVER featuring only a few of the many many samples of mixes and music about the Bush Presidency created over the last 8 years.
Wax Audio, 37hz, Scooter, Ministry, 4o Del Tren, Al Jazeera, You Tube, Mike Fix, Cris Rock, Dj Shadow, BCO, DOC, Onion News Network
and more. Goodbye George.


Anonymous said...

got you a present :) hope you like it
check out popdefectrafio .net .org .com

much love, a friend

piratenewstv said...

I played your CINR music on Pirate News TV, a cable access show in Knoxville TN. So CTV banned me and your antiwar music forever.

For 3 years no problem, but no dissent is allowed in the Obama regime. BEWARE...

Are you planning to go THERE with CICR?

Email me at