Friday, January 30, 2009

Fem Rock II

Download Mp3 (29:08)

Number two in a continuing series featuring women bands/women fronted bands and artists as well as a historical look back to present day of women in the hard rock/metal scene also featuring L7, Arch Enemy, Girlschool, Civet, No Barbies, Crucified Barbara, Skunk Anasie and Bongwater

Metal: A Headbangers Journey clip featuring Girlschool


Arch Enemy
Revolution Begins
Rise Of The Tyrant(2007)

PDR Intro with
Ă–zdalga - Creep Woman
All Of Us Are Living In a Torturing and Killing World (2002)

Samples from:
Metal: A Headbangers Journey documentary by Sam Dunn
(featuring Girlschool, Lemmy of Motorhead)

Cmon Let's Go
Hit n Run (1981)

Fast and Frighting
Smell The Magic (1991)

Hell Hath No Fury
hell heath no fury (2008)

No Barbies
No Barbies
Con Juliet Demo Ep (2008?)
(from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Samples from
Metal: A Headbangers Journey documentary by Sam Dunn
featuring Angela Gossow and Arch Enemy

Crucified Barbara
In Distortion We Trust
In Distortion We Trust (2005)
My Space

Skunk Anansie
Yes It's Fucking Political

Stoosh (1996)
Video Live

The Power Of Pussy
The Power of Pussy (1991)

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Cool shows, Nice. Llana would Dig this.

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