Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dining with Terrorists

Since the events of September 11, the word "terrorism" has acquired a new political dynamic.

Wars are waged and many lives have been lost in the name of combatting "terror", strict legislation has been passed to prevent acts of "terrorism".

It is a definition that is highly subjective and what constitutes a "terrorist" depends on where you live and what you believe in.

In a new six part series the author and journalist Phil Rees travelled to South Asia, the Middle East and the Americas to explore the debate and the meaning of the word "terrorism".
These short documentaries are a fresh unique look into the so called Terrorist groups labeled by the U.S. and other countries Please watch and learn. Here are four of the six part series by Phil Rees

Death of the Freedom Fighter - Parts 1 & 2

Global Jihad
Pt1 & 2

Americas Backyard Parts 1 & 2

Divided Island Parts 1 & 2

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