Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christian Supreme

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Special audio Collage mix of music, spoken word and news taking aim at christian supremacy featuring the banned Bible Launcher also Al Jazeera reports on Christians in the military, Bill Hicks on Christians for the death penalty. Music from Dio, Corporate Avenger, Hammel On Trial, XTC, Negativland, Tom Waits and slayer.

Audio samples from Al Jazeera English, Jesus Camp, Bill Hicks and various other media, film, Tv.

Music: Dio - Holy Diver, Eurythmics - Missionary Man, Corporate Avenger - Christians Murdered Indians, Hammel On Trial - Don't Kill Negativland - Christianity is stupid..
Also Various tracks off the banned Bible Launcher I & II active download link to 1st album
XTC - Dear God, Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here Soon, Slayer - I Wanna Be Your God

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