Monday, January 25, 2010

Santa Cruz Street Musicians Interviews and Performance

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From the archives a lost rerun from 2002 when I took a field recording of street musicians, buskers in downtown Santa Cruz California my home. I used to play along with Phil Free (that surly character in photo above) back then there was litigation purposed to license and restrict performers time, place and manner but due to public out cry It never passed. So here is some interviews and performances of street buskers I met.

Tom Scribner


coral said...

This brightened the day right up. Bob you have the best ear to the ground for timing.
thanks for the rerun. I miss hearing Cosmic Chris- and there he was and all that. Guitar , flamenco not quite, just right guitar tunes and the feeling of that era and their perspectives on the then current rules.
coral Reef

thePuck said...

Hahaha, that takes me back!

Hiya, Bob!