Friday, March 25, 2011

Rock Bottom Review: AC/DC Bon Scott Tribute

This week: The bad boys from down under the Bon Scott era. Featuring old school favorites 1973 - 79 including live tracks and rare interviews and with Bon & Angus off You Tube, BBC and other media.

Download Mp3 AC/DC Bon Scott Tribute

As an angst ridden teenager I became an instant fan the first time I put the needle to vinyl I collected every recording I could find including some Australian Imports my parents often screamed at me to turn it off as AC/DC blasted from of my room on a shitty stereo record player with blown speakers. I know for a fact they hated Bon Scotts voice which brought me great solace. I remember cranking "Highway To Hell" repeatedly when it first came out it put me in "suspended animation" for hours. Bon's voice sent chills up and down my spine as Angus, Malcom and the boys kicked me into overdrive air guitar madness, they taught me how to rock, how to laugh at and question my christian upbringing and was always was a good time. Ride on Bon.


T.N.T. 1976
(Intro JJ Jackson Westwood One Superstars Concert Series)

Let There Be Rock
Westwood One Superstars Concert Series 1976-1979

Bon Scott AC/DC Review
15 Minutes with Bon Scott - 1977 Interview

It's A Long Way To The Top
High Voltage 1976

Highway To Hell Live

Sin City
Powerage 1978

Bon interview about punk/nu wave related to
the band
You Tube

Riff Raff
If You Want Blood You`ve Got It 1978

Beat Around The Bush
Highway To Hell 1979

T.N.T. 1976

Bon Scotts Death
Angus Young interview remembers how Jailbreak was inspired


74 Jailbreak 1984

Announcement of Bon Scotts Death

Ride On
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976

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