Monday, April 04, 2011

Social Control Megamix

Sound collage Megamix of music, film and media on the subject of Social Control, Awareness and Resistance. reoccurring clips from the film THX 1138 among others.

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Music: (songs edited)
Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine, Another Brick in the Wall (film scene) Alice Cooper - Clones, Bad Religion - Sanity, Frank Zappa - Central Scruitinizer, Trouble Every Day, Ministry - NWO, Girlschool with Dio/Tony Iommi - I Spy, Spirit - 1984, Triumph - Just A Game, The Godfathers - Birth, School, Work, Death J. Geils Band - Sanctuary, Violent Femmes - Children of the Revolution, Every Breath You Take/Theme From Peter Gunn (Mashup) Muse - Uprising

Sound Samples:
THX 1138, The Matrix, They Live, Zeitgiest, Network, Nintey eighty four, Waking Life, The Shock Doctrine, Homicide Life on the Street, Eagle Eye, The Wall, Bill Orielly, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Staci Davis.


Know Your Rights Mix 2 (also featured in Social Control)
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Audio PSA on Know Your Rights featuring Homicide Life on the Street episode where cop actors they read the 5th amendment rights mixed with Every Breath You Take/Theme From Peter Gunn (Mashup)


Anonymous said...

Great mix. It sounded like the stuff I've been airing for the last couple years (but made with much more talent) so I co-opted it, threw my ID on the end of it & aired it on 6925 Khz last Friday night. Aaargh. it got reception reports from coast to coast. :)

WPON, The weapon.

Skidmark Bob said...

Awesome! That's what it's for.
Appreciate the airtime glad someones listening..