Sunday, March 08, 2015

Fem Rock Vol 1-3 International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day here's three previous shows featuring rockin women in independent music from female dominated/fronted bands and artists like La Tigre, L7, Margret Cho, Girlschool, Bongwater, Arundhati Roy, Arch Enemy, The Great Kat, Civet, Skunk Anasie, Crucified Barbara, Juliette Lewis, Otep, Nico Vega, Be Your Own Pet an more!

Fem Rock Vol 1 Download mp3


Vol 1 Playlist by artist, track, release

1- Erase Errata
Another Genius Idea From Our Government

2- All or Nothing
Essential Freedoms
On The Rag Records

3- Margaret Cho
Right To Life
edit from "Assassin"

4- Talk Engine
Salute This

5- Arundhati Roy
Bombing For Feminism
(spoken edit)

6- The Gossip
Standing in the Way

7- Help Me, Help Me I Can't Breathe
Market Fux
Put some pussy in your Punk (On The Rag Records compilation)

8- Be Your Own Pet
Bicycle Bicycle You are my Bicycle

9- Female Chauvinist Pigs
Battered Women's Syndrome

10- Bruise Violet - Man's World
(last two tracks) On The Rag Records compilation "Put some pussy in your Punk"

11- Che Chapter 127
Choicelessness Parade

12- La Tigre
New Kicks 

  Fem Rock Vol 2 Download mp3

Number two in a continuing series featuring female
bands/female fronted bands and artists as well as a historical look back to present day of women in the hard rock/metal scene

Vol 2 playlist by artist, track, release:

Arch Enemy
Revolution Begins
Rise Of The Tyrant(2007)

PDR Intro with
Ãzdalga - Creep Woman
All Of Us Are Living In a Torturing and Killing World (2002)

Samples from
Metal A Headbangers Journey by Sam Dunn featuring (Girlschool, Lemmy of Motorhead)

Cmon Let's Go
Hit n Run (1981)

Fast and Frighting
Smell The Magic (1991)

Hell Hath No Fury
Hell Hath No Fury (2008)

No Barbies
con Juliet Demo Ep (2008?)
(from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Samples from
Metal A Headbangers Journey
featuring Angela Gossow and Arch Enemy

Crucified Barbara
In Distortion We Trust
In Distortion We Trust (2005)

Skunk Anasie
Yes It's Fucking Political
Stoosh (1996)

The Power Of Pussy
The Power of Pussy (1991) 

Fem Rock Vol 3 Download mp3

Number 3 in a continuing series of all female artists/bands or female fronted artists/bands featuring tracks from Otep and Juliette Lewis and the New Romantiques also new tracks from Hysterica, Gossip, Nico Vega and more Uncensored tracks.

Vol 3 playlist by artist, track, release:

Smash The Control Machine
Smash The Control Machine (2009)


Nico Vega
A Millon Years 

Nico Vega (2009)

Juliette Lewis and the New Romantiques
Fantasy Bar
Terra Incognita (2009)

Spare Me From The World
Music for Men (2009)

Be Your Own Pet
Black Hole
Get Awkward (2008)

Chicks on Speed
How To Build A High Heeled Shoe Guitar
Cutting The Edge (2009)

The Great Kat
Beethoven On Speed
Total Insanity (2008)

Girls Made Of Heavy Metal
Metalwar (2009)

Tilly and the Wall
Pot Kettle Black
O (2008)

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