Thursday, March 05, 2015

PDR Archives: First Two Shows 2001

PDR Show 1 Download mp3

PDR Show 2 (The Lost Archive) Download mp3

It's been at least 15+ years since PDR gradually hit the airwaves on Free Radio Santa Cruz 89.3, 96.3, 101, 101.3fm (Still running and 20 years old this year)  When the station started back in 1995 we were hurtin to fill 24 hours of programing so I sent letters to all the labels that I was into at the time I remember reading the back of Maximum Rock n Roll, Flipside magazine, zines, cd's radio, to find cool record label addresses to write to. These are the first two shows I officially produced as PDR back in 2001 featuring ¡Tchkung!, Infernal Noise brigade, Fifteen, Raw Knowledge, $ETH, Bigwig, Earth Crisis, Broadways, Hip Criticals, Fields of Fire and more.

Playlist Show 1 (by track, artist, release, year)

1. Slither
Earth Crisis - Earth Crisis (2000)

2. Falling Down
Bigwig - Stay Asleep (1999)

3. Confused
Suicide Machines
The Suicide Machines (1998)

4. Colorado
Fifteen - Survivor (2001)

5. Not Necessarily the News
Broadways - Broken Van (2000)

6. Shut Down The World
Seth - Akorex B (2000)

7. Think For Yourself
Fields of Fire - Live at KCSB

8. Smash Things Up
¡Tchkung! - Incite (1998)

 PDR 2 Lost Archive 2001
A show I aired but never put online kinda fell through the cracks Remixed in 320k STEREO!
Bands/Artists sent to FRSC back at the turn of the century (late 90's-early 2000's)
Used to air these tracks in heavy rotation on Free Radio Santa Cruz 89.3, 96.3fm

Playlist Show 2 (by track, artist, release, year)
1. Gas No Gas
Infernal Noise brigade
Insurgent selections for battery and voice 2001

Raw Skills

Raw Knowledge
Nemesis 2001

4.Construction parasite
World B
Big Idea Compilation

5. Capitalist Noose
Hip Criticals

6. Taxes Are Stealing
Corporate Avengers

Freedom Is A State Of Mind 2001

7. Up For Sale
International Noise Conspiracy
Changing Weather 2001

8. Anger Means

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