Saturday, September 03, 2016


An Hour and a half program featuring ALL female fronted bands, artists and comedians.  
Mostly newer releases from Ume, Jen Kirkman, Wolf Alice, Summer Cannibals, Maria Bamford,The Great Kat, Slothrust, Babes In Toyland, Summer Cannibals, Beth Stelling
OOIOO, Negative Scanner, Kaki King, Bikini Kill, Coathangers, The Dead Weather, Babes In Toyland, DEKADES, Le Butcherettes, Red Aunts, Larkin Poe, Sarah Shook, Girlpool, Moving Paranormas. and more. 

Playlist by tracks, release, year, artist, Label:

1. Intro
Jen Kirkman (2016)
I'm Gonna Die Alone

2. Cubicle
Of Course You Do (2013)
Dangerbird Records


3. Do ya like Music?
Maria Bamford

4. Full Of It
5. Show Us Your Mind
6. Make Up
Full Of It (2016)
Show Us Your Mind (2015)
Summer Cannibals
Kill Rock Stars Records


7. Embrace
Monuments (2015)
8.Ume on guitar and gear (youtube)
9. Run Wild
Phantoms (2011)
Dangerbird Records

10. Fleshlights
Simply The Beth (2015)
Beth Stelling
Comedy Dynamics

11. Giant Peach
My Love Is Cool (2015)
Wolf Alice
Dirty Hit Records

12. Watch Your Back
Nosebleed Weekend (2016)

13. Criticism
Negative Scanner (2015)
Negative Scanner


14. Death Head
Junior (2010)
Kaki King

15. Metal Messiah
Total Insanity (2008)
The Great Kat

16. Dust Cake Boy
Spanking Machine (1989)
Babes In Toyland
Twin Tone Records  

17. Open Up
Dodge and Burn (2015)
The Dead Weather
Third Man Records


18. The Drones Are Coming
DEKADES (2015)

19. Great Day
Calm Years (2001)
Storm, Inc.
Gender Nectar Records.



20. Girls Grow Up So Fast 
We Are Miracles (20140
Sarah Silverman


21. They Fuck You Over
A Raw Youth (2015)
Le Butcherettes
Ipecac Recordings

22. New Radio
23. Reject All American
Reject All American (1996)
Kill Rock Stars Best Sampler Ever
Bikini Kill
Kill Rock Stars

24. I Can't Do Anything Right
Saltbox (1996)
Red Aunts
Epitaph Records


25. Airport Signs
I'm Gonna Die Alone (2016)
Jen Kirkman

26. Boys Wanna Be Her
Impeach My Bush (2006)


27. Uma
Taiga (2006)


28. God Closes A Door
Reskinned (2016)
Larkin Poe


29. Nothin' Feels Right but Doin' Wrong
30. No Name
Sidelong (2015)
Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

31. Ideal World
Before The World Was Big (2015)
32. American Beauty
Wichta Recordings (2014)


33. One
One (2015)
Moving Panoramas

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