Friday, October 07, 2016


Three DOD Zombie Halloween Mixes and music I did from mid 2000's  featuring undead scary familiar and unfamiliar sounds, songs and clips from films some in special mixes from yours truly. Celebrating the dead and the undead. GREAT to play as LOUD background music at a halloween party, while serving trick-or-tr-eaters or blasting it in your headphones inthe DARK! Welcome to OCTOBER 2016!

DOD 1:
Featuring sound-clips from films The Night Of The Living Dead 1&2, Dawn Of The Dead, 28 Weeks later, Shawn Of The Dead, music by Oingo Boingo, Cramps, Black Sabbath, Misfits and MORE!


-Dead Mans Party
Oingo Boingo

-Walk Like A Zombie
Blackeyes and Neckties

- Zombie Dance

- Children Of The Grave
Black Sabbath

-Mashup Don't Fear The Highway To Hell

- Dead Like Us
Idiot Flesh

- Darktown (Instrumental)
Steve Hackett

-Down With The Sickness
Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine

-Night Of The Living Dead


DOD 2: 
Featuring Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XX, Pontypool, Day Of The Dead,
Night Of The Living Dead 1&2, Supernatural, Special BREAKING news 

LIVE on the ground, Zombieland,  Pontypool, Night Of The Living Dead orig and 1999, Quarantine, Grindhouse promos, Supernatural, 28 Weeks Later, Paranormal Activity ,
Carriers Music by ACDC, T Bone Burnette, Queen, Scorpions, Jace Everet and MORE!


 - If You Want Blood
Highway To Hell (1979)

- Death On Two Legs

-Bad Things
Jace Everett

The true false identity (2006)
T Bone Burnett

- Violent Femmes/Iron Maiden, Simpsons
Zombie Slaughter Mix

- Another Peice Of Meat

- Eating The Cannibals
Heaven And Hell

-Welcome To Zombieland Mix
Blue Oyster Cult
Don't Fear the Reaper, I Don't Live Today, Break On Through,
Children Of the Grave and more kaos and carnage

-My Bodies a Zombie For You
Dead Mans Bones


Featuring Tracks and clips from Slayer, Dee Snider, White Zombie, Ramones, South Park, Fido, Iron maiden, Hell house, Johnny Cash, Halloween and a hell of alot more.


- Intro to HELL Mix


- SCG3 Special Report" (with Michael Majalahti as The News Reporter, Sam Romero
and Dee Snider as "the monster squad's spokesman"

- Angel Of Death

-Antichrist 666 Mix

-When The Man Comes Around
Johnny Cash

-Welcome To Planet Motherfucker Psychoholic Slag
White Zombie

- Halloween
John carpenter

- Pet Sematary

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