Friday, November 25, 2016

FRSC 20 Years A Pirate

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Free or Freak Radio Santa Cruz began broadcasting in 1995 on 89.3fm since then they have moved to 96.3fm, 101fm and are currently at 101.3fm. Once raided by the FCC and U.S. Marshalls in the election year of 2004. They still are broadcasting community radio 24/7 locally at 101.3fm in Santa Cruz Ca. USA. Listen to the live stream at
Enjoy this historical look back a one of the LONGEST running Pirate Radio stations in radio history. FREE THE AIR! Featuring Phil Free, George Cadman aka Old Lady Scar Arms, Skidmark Bob, Vinny Lombardo (V-Man) San Fransisco Liberation Radio,

PLAYLIST by track, release, artist, year:

Liberation Frequency
Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent 1996

Free Radio Gainsville
No Division 1999
Hot Water Music

Pirate Radio


Jon Anderson Sta ID

Pirate Radio
Mojo Nixon Skid Roper

We Want The Airwaves

Radio Under Arrest
San Fransisco Liberation Radio

Under Ground Network

Under Ground Network 2001

The FCC and two knobs
George Carlin

Free Radio Burlington
LIVE in studio Free Radio Burlington
Jim Page

Interview about how local Santa Cruz activism started FRSC
Kim Argula and Skidmark Bob (FRSC co-founders)
Produced by Skidmark Bob

FOX 35 News story on 89.3 FRSC
KCBA 1995


Rebel Radio
Rebel radio Sampler
Uk Subs

Pirate Radio Documentary

Skidmark Bob interviews The Ghost Dj Dirty Dee and Black Eyed Susan
of Knoxville Radio
FCC RAID of equipment warrant
Critical Mass Radio

Guerrilla Radio
The Battle Of Los Angeles
Rage Against The Machine

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalas interview
George Cadman and Vinny Lombardo on the FCC raid of 2004
Democracy Now!

FRSC RAID 2004 Mix

Free The Air (Phil Free)
Moral Compass
Jus Kiddin

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