Friday, January 20, 2012

Anonymous Cyberwar Mix 2012

 New Mix added 01-23-12 Anonymous Cyberwar Attack Mix featuring Anonymous update of hacker attack and brief website shutdown of U.S. Govt and Entertainment sites as well as Anonymous message on the "Open Act" the SOPA/PIPA light law to be proposed. Music Rage Against The Machine "Take The Power Back"

Anonymous Cyberwar Attack Mix

Anonymous Cyberwar 2012 Mix

The online activist group Anonymous, which opposes copyright enforcement, took responsibility for a series of network attacks January 19th on government and entertainment industry websites, after US officials shutdown of Megaupload,com and arrests of seven people across the globe on charges of distributing illegal copies of movies, music, and electronic books. Some sites experienced service disruptions; the Justice Department, Universal Music Group and BMI, which collects copyright royalties for composers, were knocked offline. The US Copyright Office and the Recording Industry Association of America sites were also attacked.


Razer said...

Tango DOWN!

luntian said...

i have been hearing this for some time now... and most people at deviantart community are very alarm of the pipa and sopa we are doing out best to help out stop this from shutting down any websites as we can...

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