Sunday, March 22, 2015

Climate Change Collage

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Here's another throwback show from 10 years ago that rings loud and clear NOW MORE THAN EVER! An audio collage of various voices, news, music and sounds about The human created effects of global warming contributing to the vary intense climate changes around the world.
Originally broadcast on Free Radio Santa Cruz in July of 2005. Featuring: TUC Radio, The V-Man on Free Radio Santa Cruz, Why Close the G8?, Between The Lines - Rising Ocean levels tide to Global warming and Ross Gelbspan and various other  news reports.

Blue Oyster Cult - Burnnin for You, Run Lola Run soundtrack - Casino
Nine Inch Nails - Help me I am in Hell, The Fixx - Driven Out, Seize The Day - Price of Petrol and various sounds of the earth.
Produced By: Skidmark Bob