Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pirates of the Air

Here's a remixed/re released collage I did back in 2004 on classic pirate radio station clips/station ids and music featuring Hope radio Intl, Voice of Laryngitis, Radio Caroline, Free Radio Austin FCC Raid on air, WTO Radio Cascadia the program ends with Radio northseas last transmission after being firebombed. I did some editing added more pirate radio songs in full 320k mp3 stereo much better sound quality . Compilation/Collage of stations id's, clips, samples and songs about shortwave/lpfm Pirate Radio. ARRGH!

 Download mp3

Playlist of Pirate Radio songs:

We Want The Airwaves

Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
Pirate Radio

AK Subs
Rebel Radio

Pirate Radio

A Pirates Life For Me

U Utah Philips
NPR Blues

Rage Against The Machine
Gurella Radio

Molitov Cocktail

Radio is my Bomb

Liberation Frequency

Jus Kiddin
Free the Air

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