Friday, June 22, 2012

Police State 2012

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Due to the rise of police brutality, misconduct and killings of unarmed citizens here's a collection of songs and audio on the subject. For years I have collected numerous songs about police brutality and as the abuse and murder continues so do the songs. These tracks are intermixed with You Tube clips and news reports of police misconduct and the recent killings of Ramarley Graham, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. and Kelly Thomas at the hands of the police ending with an excellent spoken word piece from TAZ about police culture.
Refuse to be Abused stop and watch the cops better yet Film the Police!

This program is dedicated to the memories of these unarmed civilians killed by police:

* Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.
68 year-old African-American Marine veteran, was fatally shot by White Plains, NY, police November 2011

* Ramarley Graham 18
Killed by NYPD on February 2, 2012 while police officers raided his home without a warrant and shot him in his bathroom.

* Kelly Thomas Severely beaten, choked and tazed by Fullerton Police Department
on July 5, 2011 he died from his injuries on July 10, 2011

Playlist by artist, track, album

Man In Uniform
Welfare Problems 2003

Trailer Trash UK
Cop Song
Mixed with
Cops vs Skateboarders - You Tube

The Authorities
I Hate Cops
We Got Power Party Or Go Home

Cop flips out on driver - Youtube

The Dicks
Hate The Police
1980 - 1986

Someones Behind You Again
Shades Of Brown

RT - Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse

Great Cop
In on the Kill Taker

Various reports of police abuse You Tube
Maniac Cop, Training Day

Black Flag
Police Story

Man Or Astroman?
Squad Car (Live In Space)

Le Tigre
Bang! Bang!
From The Desk Of...Mr. Lady

Mumia Abu Jamal - Legalized Crime

Russia Today: Trigger Happy Cops 2012
reports on recent Police killings of unarmed citizens:
Ramarley Graham, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. and Kelly Thomas also news on deaths from tazer use.

Democracy Now! Ramarley Graham

Innoent till Proven Black
Utter Subversion

U.K. Subs
Killer Cops

Pearl Jam
Hakim Bey
Boycott Cop Culture

World Full Of Cops

Phil Ochs
Cops of the World
There But for Fortune


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