Friday, June 21, 2013

New Music Summer 2013

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All new stuff i've been listening to and enjoying for the past few months. We'll hear hard rock/metal, folk, punk, americana, blugrass, alternative even spoken word. Featuring Hot Water Music, Jake Bugg, Transplants, Portugal. The Man, Todd Snider Skid Row, Device, Listener, The Almost and more. Obama opens the show with a heartfelt message of change again.

Playlist by track, artist, release and year:

1. Obama introduces "The Re-Obamulator"
Mark Fiore Animation 2013

2. Kings Of Demolition
Skid Row
United World Rebellion - Chapter One ep 2013


3. Opinion (feat Tom Morello)
Device 2013


4. Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone
Hot Water Music
Exister 2012

5. EBS Purge
The Purge (film) 2013

6. Die In Style
Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Damn Right Honey! 2013


7. See It To Belive It
In A Warzone 2013

8. Dancing with the Tornado 
Time Stays, We Go 2013


9. Tornadoes
Time Is A Machine 2013

10. Music News
It's Kevin

11. I'm Down
The Almost
Fear Inside Our Bones 2013

12. Trouble Town
Jake Bugg
Jake Bugg 2013


13. Lonely Man
Alpha Rev
Bloom 2013



14. Blindfold
Old Man Markley
Down Side Up 2013


15. BJ Lee
A Million Pardons
Best Laid Plans 2013

16. In The Beginning
Todd Snider
Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables 2012


17. Bow For Blade
Brown Bird
Fits Of Reason 2013

18. Waves
Portugal. The Man
Evil Friends 2013

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